10 Kutipan Motivasi Terbaik Dari Para Artis Hollywood

  • 10 Kutipan Motivasi Terbaik Dari Para Artis Hollywood
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    Ada banyak cara untuk menghibur diri yang sedang murung dan merasa tidak beruntung. Salah satunya adalah dengan membaca kutipan motivasi yang dapat membangkitkan semangat kembali. Berikut adalah sepuluh kutipan motivasi terbaik dari para artis Hollywood!

    1. “You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damned red velvet cupcake.” - Emma Stone

    2. “Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact.” - Neil Patrick Harris

    3. “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.” - Brad Pitt

    4. “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” - Sylvester Stallone

    5. “Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams.” - Dwayne Johnson

    6. “Don’t be different just for different’s sake. If you see it differently, function that way. Follow your own muse, always.” - Morgan Freeman

    7. "Only you and you alone can change your situation. Don’t blame it on anything or anyone.” - Leonardo Dicaprio

    8. “When people believe in you, you can do miraculous things.” - Vin Diesel

    9. “No dream is ever just a dream.” - Tom Cruise

    10. “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.” - Will Smith

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